Adobe Creative Cloud Suite - All apps fail to install

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Hey All,

Just downloaded fresh copies of all Creative Cloud apps from Adobe Admin Console, none of them install on macOS Catalina 10.15.4.

Every single one of them fails with the below from the install.log

installd[884]: PackageKit: Install Failed: Error Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain Code=112 “An error occurred while running scripts from the package “Adobe_CC20_Lightroom.pkg”.” UserInfo={NSFilePath=./preinstall, NSURL=file://localhost/Users/x1916420/Documents/Adobe_CC20_Lightroom.pkg, PKInstallPackageIdentifier=com.adobe.Enterprise.install.8E812ED9-72A0-4036-AD5C-7D5614FAD9CC, NSLocalizedDescription=An error occurred while running scripts from the package “Adobe_CC20_Lightroom.pkg”.} {
        NSFilePath = “./preinstall”;
        NSLocalizedDescription = “An error occurred while running scripts from the package U201cAdobe_CC20_Lightroom.pkgU201d.“;
        NSURL = “file://localhost/Users/x1916420/Documents/Adobe_CC20_Lightroom.pkg”;
        PKInstallPackageIdentifier = “com.adobe.Enterprise.install.8E812ED9-72A0-4036-AD5C-7D5614FAD9CC”;

I'll get my software dept to raise a fault ticket on Monday but has anyone else noticed this?


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I always had to wrap adobe installers inside a DMG to install and then use the script install dmg from pkg to deploy.

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Its PPPC related.

Running the PKG manually on Catalina triggers an "Installer wants access to Download folder". I've created a PPPC profile see screenshot but that hasn't helped. Obviously Jamf Self Service pushed policy PKG won't be in the Download folder