Adobe Creative Cloud Update

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We have about 175 Adobe Creative Cloud device based licenses deployed. When I try to update the applications the update fails. The updates will complete if an Adobe account is used. For a device based license why is an Adobe login required ? Most of the licenses are deployed on student laptops. I'd prefer the students did not have another login to deal with.

I'd appreciate any insight before making another call to Adobe


Carl Campion
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How do you scope the update? as a package?

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How are you doing the update? Are you using the Creative Cloud Desktop app, an Adobe Remote Update Server or pushing a package from the JSS?

If you are using the Desktop app it requires a login I believe to verify the license and the license holder. I have not used the desktop app in a long time so I do not know what current status.

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I was not using JAMF to push an update. I launched Photoshop and tried to do the update. The Adobe Application Manager launches then the update fails.

Should I pushing out the Adobe Update_Install.pkg ?

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In my experience, the CC desktop app should be deployed/used with named-user license installations only; using it with device license installations tends to break the device licensing. Here's my best practice/advice:

For device licenses, use the CCP desktop app to build deployment packages, making sure the Creative Cloud desktop app is excluded. For full version upgrades, uninstall previous installations and then re-deploy. For minor updates, try the Remote Update Manager in lieu of re-installing.

For named-user device installations, use the team license portal to build deployment packages in either self-service mode (end-users can manage apps, no administrator privileges required) or managed mode (administrators must manage apps). Depending, either use the Creative Cloud desktop app to update/upgrade installations or build new packages to re-deploy. The CCP desktop app no longer has an option to build update-only packages, but I can't remember whether the web-based packager does.

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I did use CCP to create the install packages and left the CC Desktop app out. I"ll look into the Remote Update Manager


We use a number of policies to update CC applications, because it takes quite a few steps

  • First cache the new installer on machines that need the update
  • When the machine is cached, a script runs that checks if the application is running, if it's not, it triggers the next policy
  • The next policy removes the application that needs to be updated (a simple rm -rf /Applications/<applicationname>
  • When the uninstaller succeeds, the cached package gets installed
  • When the cached package is successfully installed and the adobe software is now up to date, the next policy runs that cleans up the JAMF cache directory

The reason for the caching and not directly installing is the size of the installer, and the time it would theoretically take to download and install it. This way it can silently cache in the background without the users noticing.