Adobe Flash Zero Day Update March 2016

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Thanks for the heads up. Never a dull day, as long as you have Flash installed on your systems.

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So lovely to have this come out on a Friday.

Job security at least, I suppose.

Thanks for the head's up, Dan. Appreciate it. AutoPKG to the rescue.

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I think they released it early yesterday morning. I downloaded it from the Flash Distribution site first thing in the morning and pushed it out. Then I saw the news reports today so I checked the version and it's as up to date as it gets:

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Oh, awesome. I just downloaded Adobe Flash this morning, not knowing about this advisory. Better speed up the deployment.

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Are you having luck getting Google Chrome to load the latest Adobe Flash (Pepper) update? I'm showing that it installs a sub-foldered Pepper plugin but that the Chrome browser doesn't actually load it as reported in Chrome by the website "about flash player".

/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin

Google reports that they manage their own Chrome Pepper Flash I'm not sure why Adobe posted their own version of it.