Adobe Reader plugin for Safari


Is anyone else seeing this: When I view a pdf in Safari these days i get a message saying that I must accept an EULA from Adobe Reader de606e26888243bd89f3aed06d60dcf9
The problem is: I've removed Adobe Reader from all machines here. Acrobat Pro has replaced it. The plug-in name remains the same. Through some testing it seems the message only appears if you go into Safari preferences>Security>Internet plug-ins Website Settings and change the settings to Allow or Always Allow. 6cffd3ac9f3e4afda80b63569beb3e97

If you use Ask then the PDF works fine. This wouldn't be a problem, I'd just leave everything at Ask, but for our Sharepoint site and digital signing of PDF documents via CAC/PIV cards I need to have this set for Allow/Always Allow.

So... how do I accept the EULA for Reader when I don't have Reader anymore? Or, how do I Allow/Always Allow to get past that EULA requirement?

Thanks in advance.


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Doesn't Safari open and read PDF's natively in browser, without the need for a plug in? I believe my machine does.


Yes. It does that too. But we use Adobe Acrobat over here instead of Preview.

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I would suggest that you haven't removed Adobe Reader Plugin fully if you can still see it in the preferences of Safari or it has somehow returned. Could you have a policy that is re-installing it?

Check out: Acrobat Help

Have you checked all libraries: Users, Library and System/Library?

Are you sure Pro shows up as the same thing?