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Hi there,

My environment doesn't currently support the use of RemoteUpdateManager, so we're having to figure out another pay of pushing updates through to our users. We don't have named CC accounts either. I have managed to enable the built in Adobe Application Updater which was oddly disabled by our package provider... So I can have Jamf open this on the users machine if they have an out dated version - but it requires admin credentials for each update, I can't figure out how to bypass it - none of our users have admin rights...

Even by temporarily granting the users admin rights - the majority of them will not understand that they need to put in their own credentials when prompted.

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@Charliejames91 You can configure as an admin on the Adobe adminconsole a custom Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App and you can then enable the feature that non-admin users are able to update the apps themself.

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Thanks for responding @txhaflaire

We don't use Creative Cloud as our packages are supplied to us with an embedded serial. I managed to gain access to an enterprise console to create this CC package that you mentioned but it fails to install alongside the the current CC packages that I have. I'm guessing this is due to the way our apps have been packaged to not allow the use of Creative Cloud tools.

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Sounds like the packages are being made with the Creative cloud packager app. Go back to them and ask for the features to be turned on and build the packages again, if you can. They are available there in the App pretty much the same as in the Admin console.

The script on here to promote the user to admin can have its wording changed, I use the word Authorise, and remove all reference to promote to admin. If they run this first, and then open creative cloud when the admin authorisation box shows up it will be pre-populated with their username. And in my experience if you give users that much they will put their password in without thinking.