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I remember we had a Advanced Search for applications in Casper Suite 8.x. It used to provide Application Name, Version and Application Path.

I am not seeing the option in 9.x. Does Casper Suite 9.x have the option for creating the Advance Search for application? We need to pull report with Application path.

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If your basic question is, how do I get the full application path into the final report?, unfortunately, there isn't a native way in JSS 9.x now. There are 2 options for pulling application based reports, but neither will get you exactly what you're after.

  1. You can go to the regular Computers search, create an Advanced search and add in criteria for the Application Title and optionally Application Version that you want to pull a report on. Under the display columns, make sure to click on Assets and check the "Applications" box. After the report runs, choose Export and when asked what to base the exported report on, choose the "Applications" radio button. When the csv file exports, there will be Application name and Version columns as the first 2 items in the report, along with any other columns you had checked. It won't, however, have the full path to the application.

  2. You can change the "Computers" search to "Applications" on the main search page and run a report on Applications there, but again, the results won't have the full path of the applications. And also, bizarrely, there is no export function from this search, so good luck trying to get the results into a csv file.

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Yep, and I already commented on it and voted it up! :)