Advice with offshore development team who cannot have local Macs

New Contributor

The company I work for has a contract offshore development team and due to our security tolerances they are not allowed to have company owned (or company managed) devices locally to them. At this time they are connecting in to a Windows VDI and using Bomgar to connect from the Windows VDI to a Mac. Over all solution is a really poor laggy mess that is extremely hard to support and the bomgar jump client loves to randomly go offline. The offshore team is supposed to be getting their own macs and will be allow to use Apple Screen Sharing but that has its own set of issues. The Macs they use are in a datacenter which has its obvious access controls so hands on the devices is normally a chore.

The question I have is do any of you guys have offshore teams that cannot have corporate assets locally? If so what solutions do you guys use to allow them to connect to your macs?