After M1 MBP upgrading to Sonoma enrolment screen shows wrong owner

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Hi Guys

I’m looking for a solution for this unusual situation. I’ve spent few hours searching for it but all I found was few posts “how to avoid connecting MDM servers”

MacBook Pro 13, M1 2020

Ownership is clear, bought new by company where I’m employed. MDM profile was installed on Monterey in 2021. There were no issues after updating to newer versions till Sonoma update.

the story in points


  1. I’ve asked IT colleagues for letting me to switch off the MDM as it was required by Apple for screen replacement
  2. After repairing I’ve asked my IT colleague if it’s fine to update the system to Sonoma as it was not possible when the MDM was running
  3. Received green light, clicked update button.
  4. First start, logged in with my credentials (Mac admin) and shortly after connecting the network a full screen enrolment window popped out
  5. It will be fine to go forward but the company details appearing on the screen are completely different as they supposed to be. This is saying that MacBook is owned by another company, omg…
  6. Funny is that IT has sent me a screenshot from manager tab that the device has checked in.. to our Jamf Pro


This is pretty weird.

Is there any solution to solve this issue?





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A screen change wouldn't change mdm assignment. Just check they have returned the correct device to you, or they haven't switched a motherboard out. If this is a apple authorised dealer, go back to them. The retailer who assigned the device to you mdm would have to have removed the device from your mdm in order for this to have happened, or your company never had it assigned in the first place.
You would need to go back to the reseller with proof of purchase for them to assist (if the Serial numbers match your purchase order).