All of these policies are giving me anxiety


How do I tell which policies and configuration profiles are relevant and okay?  There are 8-9 different polices for Nomad in  my environment left by previous admins and I cant decipher them to figure out which ones are safe, or which ones are causing problems.  I want to get rid of Nomad for Jamf Connect, but I can't even tell if it safe!


also, when I push out Mac OS upgrades and updates, the nomad window goes away and then users can't sign into their machines!  HELP!


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First consider reading this entry:
But be honest there is no easy way to filter out all the policies and configuration profiles when you do not have the Documentation. Sometimes the Admin creates a Note in the History of the Policy or Profile to have a short Reminder of the usage, check this first.
You should try to understand whatever the Policy is doing or the Configuration Profil.
Afterwards, or while trying to understand it, have a testMac included in the Policies and Configuration Profils and then you just start to remove and test. From time to time maybe readd the testMact to one of those just to see if the behaviour is changing again. 
I also had to reverse create Documentations for a lot of stuff the Previous Admin created and it took like 6 months so far without me being sure if i did not overlooked something. But i always made sure that my testmac that mirrored the productive Macs was fully usable. And that is more or less one of the most important reminders for your self. Write a Documentation about everything you found out, updating it whenever you find something and reread it as a whole documentation from time to time to check if there are any unlogical thinks in it.

If you have the option to contact the previous Admins ask for a short rundown of what he did there. 

For the other questions with the Updates and Upgrades hiding your Nomad windows... how do you push the updates?  

i found that article already and others.  I have created my integrations in Okta, and the configuration profile i made in the Jamf Connect Configuration Creator successfully passed and successfully failed when i used incorrect credentials.

I used erase-install from

my thread on that was here but I think i;ve got that working now.  Switching from noMAD to JamfConnect is the last chunk of the environment that i don't have a working prototype for yet.  This is my first Jamf Admin job and I've been here about 6 months too. The 2 previous admins aren't available to me anymore, and there's no documentation aside from what I've made myself so far.