Allow user to change Airplay Receiver Settings

New Contributor

Hi everyone,


With the update to Ventura, is there a way in Jamf Pro to enable users to change the Airplay Receiver settings? We want our users to be able to enable Airplay Receiver and Change the "Allow Airplay for" category without needing admin credentials. We were able to allow users to change these settings when they were under the Sharing menu in Monterey, but these settings were moved to the AirDrop & Handoff and now users can no longer edit (without admin credentials). We currently have AirDrop enabled in Jamf Pro.





Did you ever figure this out? We are trying to do the same thing, except we want AirDrop itself disabled (but to allow AirPlay Receiver, preferably always with PIN). Really wish they hadn't moved it to the AirDrop/Handoff section!