Allowing Air Drop & Handoff setting in JAMF Pro

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Hello all, 

We allow our users to use AirDrop in our environment. 

I know Ventura has changed from System Preferences to System Settings. They also seem to change the Air Drop setting. It was previously a setting by its self and is now bundled together with Handoff so its AirDrop and Handoff.

The problem is I can not get machines on Ventura to be discovered through Air Drop and the AirDrop and Handoff setting is grey out and says (These settings are controlled by a profile.)

My Config profile allows Airdrop in both Media and Sharing Services. I have also allowed Handoff through the Restrictions --> Functionality screen.

Even with those settings, I can not get AirDrop and Handoff to be configurable from the client side.

Any thoughts??


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Nevermind, it does work on our Macs.