Alternative to Centrify Express

New Contributor

We've been using Centrify Express on a mixed Mac/Linux/Windows estate for a few years now. It handles the UID creation and simple authentication to our Windows AD environment and keeps everything consistent. This is especially important because we're using Stornext shared storage. Now that the express product has gone to ldaptive I have a couple of questions for anyone who has been in a similar situation:
- Did ldaptive work as an alternative? Is it cost-effective?
- Is there another easy way to authenticate users with AD whilst preserving or re-creating the same UID and GID that Centrify Express used?

We used none of the extra features of Centrify, it was purely a simple sign on solution. We're still running 10.14 here but new Macs are on their way and I'll need to fix this before Catalina gets introduced into the environment.