Amazon for offsite distribution

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I want to see if anyone has tried anything like this before and how exactly they were able to pull it off. We have several packages that are pretty large in size and we want our users to be able to download them offsite via self service. However, we don't really want to bog down our bandwidth with 800+ users trying to download 100MB+ files off self service. I had an idea of hosting some of the packages on Amazon S3 and then if their IP address is off campus it would download from there since Amazon is obviously much more robust than us and it would save our bandwidth on campus.

I wrote a URL rewrite for our IIS HTTP distribution point that would redirect the URL to our Amazon S3 hosted webspace, but have had limited success. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this?


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I know this is how JAMF Software themselves distribute, at least, OS Updates. So it's possible.
My JAMF resource is supposed to be getting me instructions on doing it, and I'll post them when I get them.

Ultimately, a Distribution Point can be anywhere you want, the trick is getting an Amazon S3 server configured correctly so the URLs work well.

I'd add that you need to be careful. You'll want to ensure that you're distributing any sensitive information via HTTPS.

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This link from Bryson, might help point you in the right direction.

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@rderewianko Looks like you may have hit the "image" link instead of the "url" link? :)


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your right don, the "image" link doesn't make sense as a clip. Thanks

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We have duplicate policies for this, one excludes the internal networks and is hosted by AWS, the other is limited to the internal networks and is hosted by our internal JDS's. So depending on our users location they get the correct policy.. down side is it only really works with smart groups as otherwise when they come back into the building they would receive the opposite policy so we have to update the inventory and thus the smart group's as apart of the policy.