Any alternatives to Carousel for Apple TV managed digital signage?


Hi everyone,  I'm just putting out feelers to see if anyone knows of any alternatives to Carousel digital signage that are reliable, and bonus points if they use apple tvs as the players. We've been happy with carousel for a few years, but them eliminating the on-prem product while charging SO much more for the cloud product has me thinking about alternatives.


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Have you looked at Kitcast? One of my clients is delivering and managing Kitcast via Jamf with AppleTV's as our digital signage player.

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Do you have a sales contact at Kitcast? We need quotes for EDU and their W9 and business licenses, but it's like pulling teeth through the chat / support email.

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We just rolled out kitcast as well mainly because you can buy as needed licenses. It works pretty well, the only thing is showing a calendar of events is not great. 

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I've heard a lot of good things about Trilby TV but seems tailored towards education.

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Hi RLR, thanks for the mention. While we are geared towards education, our aim is to be simple and easy to use, which doesn't exclude us from business usage (and are used in many business environments too). We also have zero-touch config integration for Apple TV making it easy to roll out us as a solution in Jamf.

Dom Barnes - Head of Product @ TrilbyTV

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We built a custom app that lets you use Google Slideshows as Digital Signage on Apple TVs. It is easy and you can manage it all in JAMF. We've been using it all year really successfully and have been thinking about releasing it to the Marketplace.

I would definitely be interested in this!

Same! This sounds really, really interesting.



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Great. I'll message you with more details.