Any way around Activation Locked device?

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Hello all, I've got an iPad that has been activation locked by someone that is no longer with the school and I have no way of contacting them.

Normally, this wouldn't be an issue but for whatever reason, the device has been wiped and does not show in Jamf other than it's in the pre-stage enrollment list but was not able to go through the enrollment process again after being wiped because of the activation lock.

Are there any ways around this? If not, I might just toss this iPad behind a shelf and forget about it.


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If the device is in your Apple School Manager instance or you can prove your organization owns the device you can get Apple to remove the device activation for you. It's not really a big deal to get them to take care of it. This happens to us from time to time as well.

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Adding to @mpermann said, if, for some reason, the device is not in ASM, you can still ask Apple to remove the Activation Lock, but will need to provide proof of purchase.

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One of the ways to remove the Find My iPhone activation lock from your iPhone without the previous owner is to present a proof of purchase to the Apple support team. When you give this document to Apple, they can verify the original owner of the phone and then can help you unlock the device.

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Thank you all. I will contact Apple to remove the activation lock.


They are trying to simplify things. But yeah, nightmare.