Anyeone using jamfconnect and azure ?


We thinking of using Jamf connect and the Azure integration instead of going the LDAP way, that looks like soon will be EOF as AD etc is moving to cloud

Can anyone confirm that using Jamf COnnect and azure that azure groups can be used in Jamf and also when enrolling a device user information from azure is appearing in Jamf (like Ldap are)


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Very interested in this thread too, we are looking to trail this soon with our Jamf engineer.


We're in the middle of trialling Azure & inTune for our Windows environment and I asked this afternoon whether we should be removing the Jamf Infrastructure Manager instance for on-prem AD authentication, and instead linking Jamf Cloud to AzureAD.

The short answer was no, and to stay with Infrastructure Manager.


Jamf Connect is an authenticator tool. It does not help you getting the wonderfull stuff into your users section on jamf | PRO. You can still enroll all your devices, but the user management would then need to be added and configured manually. So the only option you have for a complete experience without on-prem AD is the combination of Jamf | Connect, and a LDAP server, which can be done as a domain app on the Azure AD.

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We thought this would be a great way to sync our AD passwords with the mac but unfortunately it doesnt support ADFS yet so i have to look at noMAD instead atm.
Hoping in the future releases it will support though.