Anyone else have issues with Jamf Connect after updating to Ventura?

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Wondering if this is just an issue with my tenant or if others have noticed the same problem with Ventura. 

We use Jamf Connect for our Azure IDP and it works great on all Macs that have not updated to Ventura. My own device and Ventura test users are noticing that Jamf Connect no longer prompts for Azure Credentials when signing into computer. We only get the File Vault login and then it logs directly into user account. 

I had to update my password this morning and I did it with the Reset Password option from the Jamf Connect Menu. It changed my Azure password, but not my File Vault password and now Jamf Connect gives me an error and says I need to sign into my account again. The problem with that is the username and password fields are greyed out and I can't type in them. 



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Major OS upgrades have affected Jamf Connect in the past in that it disables the Jamf Connect Login Window from appearing. To fix it you can scope this command as a policy or SSH into the client and run this, then reboot: 

/usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset -jamfconnect

Check out this link for detailed info:

To attempt to automate this you can create an Extension Attribute to report on the status of the Jamf Connect Login Window and if it isn't set to Azure then automatically run the authchanger command on the Smart Group of computers that contain that EA. 

The auth reset has worked for me in the past for other jamf connect issues. Ultimately for this issue I had to remake my config profiles for compatibility with 2.16 and then push an updated package to machines. We were still using 2.14 in the environment. 

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I've been using Ventura since the first beta and have had no issues with Connect. I did, however, have a very similar issue on a test M1 machine I have that was on Monterey. It just skipped right over the entire Connect (Azure SSO) login and went right to the desktop after the FV login. I wish I had better advice for you, but for my situation, it just started working after a while. And no other users reported the issue, so I moved on to frying other fish.

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Need to be on 2.16


If you're seeing a greyed out user name and password field, your Jamf Connect license may have fallen off the machine / out of scope or your license may be expired.  You can check the status by going to the menu bar app and selecting "About..."