Anyone have any helpful apps for Mac that might be useful on admin and end user side of things?

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Hi JAMF Nation!
I just wanted to start a discussion to see what others might be using. We are considering possibly deploying some Mac Apps (Full and Menu Bar) that would be useful for our end users or us as an IT Dept. One example we have deployed is the Support app in the JAMF Marketplace. This app gives our users and IT a quick overview of the machine, and it's all run from the menu bar. Just wanted to see if there are others out there that could be of use. Thanks!!



the Mac Evaluation Utility is helpful for diagnosing connectivity problems with JAMF cloud; along with a wealth of security best practices / recommendations. Available form AppleSeed for IT.

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Something I stole from a Jamf Nation post two-years-ago: A policy in Self Service I named "First Aid" that tells the user it's going to run some optimizations that could fix problems with their Mac, and contact Help Desk if problems remain. Oh and it's going to reboot the Mac. Just click the 'Run' button to begin.


That's all it is - Restart Options payload > Standard restart. 😉


I know all too well that our users just close the lid when they're done working. They go weeks, even months without rebooting. So it helps cross "Did you reboot?" off the troubleshooting to-do list before they escalate a ticket. And they're none the wiser.

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One great app that we use is called "". (posting for others as you use it)

Support App Git 

It's highly configurable and fairly easy to get started.  Invaluable for us.

Wallpaper Git 

Allows some neat use of wallpapers you can manage from Jamf.

PrinterSetup Git 

A great help in building printers for Macs to deliver via Jamf.

Browserosaurus Git

Brilliant tool to select browser when you click a link on your Mac.  One of the most useful tools I have!