The slowness during taking a screenshot and open settings

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Hello, have a problem with the performance on several MacBookPro with Apple Silicon. Simple actions like taking screenshots or opening some tabs in settings take up to 10 seconds after Jamf installation. The problem appears on Macs with high uptime like 23 days and everything works fine after reboot (everything works fine for about a week). I am not sure if anyone have such problem, but I am struggling to find the reason for this to happen. 


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I think you found your solution, reboot the devices. We have a policy that forces devices to reboot after 14 days of uptime. Long uptimes cause all kinds of issues, hung services, daemons, and so on.

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@RocketGuy Open the Activity Monitor app on Macs exhibiting slowness and select All Processes from the View menu, then look at the CPU and Memory tabs in the Activity Monitor window to see what processes are using the highest percentage of CPU and Memory respectively. That should identify the likely suspects causing the slowness.