Anyone have experience with moving Apple Push Cert to new Apple ID?

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We need to move our Push Cert to another enterprise owned Apple ID.

Does anyone have any experience with doing this? I'm looking for some confidence we can do this without losing connectivity of our devices.

Apple Enterprise support has said it should be fine - serial number of the cert doesn't change if they move it. JAMF is asking about the bundle identifier if it changes or not, I asked Apple (again) about that.

Figured I'd ask here to see if anyone else has been through this.


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Changing the Apple ID of the push certificate account in the JSS results in a connection lost (re-enroll all iOS devices, command for OS X).

If you're just changing the email in, then you're fine.

Link to someone else with the same issue:

If you mange iOS devices, be careful changing the Apple ID.

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@CasperSally Yes, I have successfully done it before at an old job. We moved to a generic Apple ID for the organization because it was originally set up with a personal Apple ID a couple years prior.

At the time when we moved it, we had about 13,000 iOS devices using the push cert with the old Apple id. Apple was able to help us and we didn't miss a beat. We didn't have to re-enroll or anything. The new generic organizational Apple ID took over and had the same expiration date. As long as Apple facilitates it for you, it should be fine and was for us.

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@perrycj thanks for giving me hope !

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Is the process any different for creating a generic corp Apple ID vs regular one (knowing that we don't need the credit cards, etc)?
I need to do one now and have only done personal Apple IDs to date. Thanks.