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Good day all,

I'm working with a colleague to make it easier for our service desk to remote to machines over VPN.

An idea I had is to change the general.lastreportedip that's listed in computer-inventory in the API to accurately reflect the current IP address (reguarly and if connected to a VPN).

The service desk use Jamf Remote, and I'm hoping that Jamf remote will "just work" if I return the correct on VPN IP Address by changing general.lastreportedip.

Does this sound crazy to anyone? Or does it sound quite feasible.



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How often do your clients renew their lease? Are they static VPN addresses?

If they're not static, the data will only be as good as the last inventory update which by default is once a week

Hi ljcacioppo,

Thanks for your reply, they are static VPN addresses, so that isn't an issue.

I can't recall exactly our inventory updates - but at least once a day.