API Script to transfer iOS Extension Attribute fields to another instance

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New Contributor III


Have a task, a company is transferring from one instance to another instance. They have 'Text Field' Extension attributes on all their iOS devices, which are filled in and affect scoping of Apps/ Profiles. Does anyone have an API script to replicate these? Or, I guess I can export it to a CSV and upload the information via an API Script that way?

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The easiest might be to download serial and text field, and then use The MUT to upload it to each mobile device. However the mobile devices will need to already be in the new instance.. are they being re-enrolled? Alternatively you could use the new feature Inventory Preload to upload the CSV to the new instance and as the new mobile devices are enrolled the Extension Attribute is immediately applied. However it'll be applied on each Update Inventory as well so it couldn't be changed for a mobile device without the data for it being removed from Inventory Preload.