App availability in Self Service

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We use JAMF to distribute VPP apps to our school*s ipads. We have a problem with how apps are made available through Self Service. We may have missunderstood how Self Service functions. Here is a hypothetical scenario. We have two schools with 120 ipads each. Both schools want an app to use but never need all 120 ipads to have the app at the same time. So we purchase 100 licenses through VPP and scope those 100 licenses to both schools self service. We thought that the schools could download the app/licenses when they are needed and then erase them from the ipads when they are finished and the licenses would then be available in self service again for different ipads to download. What happens is that the 100 licenses show they are in use by 100 ipads from the first school even though only maybe 20 ipads have actually downloaded the app from Self Service. The second school has no apps/licenses to download. We thought we might have to do separate purchases of the same app and scope each purchase individually. However, this does not work as the licenses all get grouped together in JAMF for the same app. Are we doing something basically wrong with how we distribute apps through JAMF? We have over 80 schools involved so we do not want to have a VPP for each individual school.


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You will need a VPP license for every device that you want to have the app available in Self Service - the license isn't used by the download but by the scoping to the device.