Apple Classroom: Airplane Mode disables Bluetooth but allows wifi

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Students. grrr.
Turn on Airplane Mode, which turns off Bluetooth (which is set to ON and not able to be changed, using a restriction)
Manually enable Wifi (since when?) so kid can surf away but is unavailable to Apple Classroom.
Anybody met this challenge yet?


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Same issue for our school as well. Any help would be appreciated!

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Yes the students love to do that all over. We try and tell our teachers this is a behavior issue then. If you are telling them to do something and they are not obeying then it's the kid's decision so they lose the iPad. We tried forcing bluetooth to stay on but then we couldn't connect to other devices. It just greyed it out. Unfortunately it's easier to say that on the IT side verse the teacher side where they were planning on using that for the whole lesson.


I don't think there is a way to manage this currently... it's unfortunate that Apple decided we could prevent changing Bluetooth settings with a configuration profile, but we couldn't explicitly set it to ON or OFF except through the use of MDM commands.

A configuration profile to prevent enabling Airplane Mode would be great, I know Apple would have to set that up on their end first though.

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Has there been any update to this? Still an issue for us.

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little late... but helps...

see Restrictions -> Allow modifying Bluetooth settings (supervised only)

so if you enable airplane mode the students shown als offline... but if they disable airplanemode they are back in Classroom :)