Apple Classroom issues in IOS 12

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Hey Now,

We are running into an oddball Apple Classroom issue where the teacher goes to lock the class into an app and there are not any apps in the app picker just a white screen. The teacher is running IOS 12.0 and the latest Apple Classroom app. The only way we have seen this work again is when the app is deleted and reinstalled.



I just did a test with the locking an ipad in an app and it did work. The device that was the teacher is on 12.1.4 and the "student" device is on 12.1.3, so it's possible your issue is fixed now. The version of apple classroom we're on is 2.3.1 (2D39).

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We are having an issue with some iPads teacher 1 can see all students online and in classroom and teacher 2 in the same class sees all pupils as offline classes are created in ASM and imported into JAMF.

Classroom works usually after night sync in the morning and then stops working by lunchtime ... odd one