Apple Classroom usernames

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Can anyone verify what they see for usernames in Apple Classroom with students that sync over from ASM? We used to see First Name and Last Name, but now only see First Name. We redid our users in Jamf and are trying to figure out why things changed. Keep in mind that this is only about ASM sync'd users since we know non-ASM sync'd users show the jamf username in Apple Classroom.


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How do your users get into ASM, from SIS or SFTP? Was something changed there? Do the Names in ASM look correct? The Roster section of the user object in Jamf is what is populated by ASM, what does it look like there?

We have PowerSchool tied to ASM, and the Name field for the Account is what comes over to Jamf to the Roster, is sent out in the EDU profile, and thus is in Apple Classroom.