Apple Developer Signed and Notarized Package isn't brought down during ADE

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I've tested with empty packages and our Apps Package, there are no errors, there are also no references to it downloading in the install.log. It will then install during a policy trigger, but when done via prestage enrollment, it just skips over the package.

I've run out of ideas.


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Are you installing it from an on-prem or cloud distribution point? PreStage package installs require either HTTPS or CDP to install successfully. If you have selected 'None' under "Enrollment Packages" in your PreStage it won't attempt to install at all.

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Turns out it was an CPU architecture issue

I’m working off an M1 mac, and evidently in addition to being signed it must also be a Product Archive pkg where the XML configuration values for hostArchitectures are set to the valid processor arch.
When you use productbuild to create a distribution pkg on Big Sur (Intel and Apple silicon) both arm64 and x86_64 will be added to the configuration by default.

I started comparing packages that were working with my package that was not and the only thing missing was the description of what cpu types it was valid for.I don’t think I ever would have figured that out if Suspicious Package didn’t make it obvious.