Apple Education Support & Managed Apple IDs

New Contributor

We are currently using Jamf Pro and Apple School Manager. Our SIS exports rostering to ASM, and we do not have Apple Education Support turned on in Jamf.

With federated Apple IDs (Azure,) we are noticing that iPads frequently prompt for reauthentication (Apple Support has informed us that this is caused by reauth intervals set by Microsoft.) If a student hits cancel, or an iPad has been offline for a long period of time, Apple Classroom will not show the student as online until we either reauthenticate when prompted or unlock the account (we have restricted student iPads from signing out of Apple IDs,) sign out of the Apple ID, and sign back in. This can happen on both student and teacher devices.

Do admins with Apple Education Support turned on experience these issues with federated accounts, or will students show as online with the classes being pushed from Jamf? For admins without Apple Education Support turned on, how do you manage reauthentication of federated Apple IDs at scale?

Also, do Jamf Connect or Conditional Access provide any benefit to this use case?