Apple IDs for C Level Employees

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Just started a new job as a Apple/Mac Systems Administrator. I have some iPhones for our C level staff and I’m trying to figure out what is the best thing to do when it comes to setting up an Apple IDs. We plan to use JAMF for our Macs in the future but we aren’t close yet to setting it up.


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It's best to stay away from creating Apple IDs, as there's a better solution today: use Apple's Volume Purchase Program (despite the "Purchase" it's free for free apps) to grant licenses to the devices. Create your account at (Apple Business Manager) and set it all up in Jamf like this:

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Although ds0 is correct about Apple IDs no longer being require for app distribution, one advantage to using Apple IDs you issue is that if the device is reported lost or stolen, you will know for sure that law enforcement can use "Find my iPhone" to locate it. My university's police department enlightened me to this recently.