Apple mail is not allowed to be setup on this system

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We have some Mac Mini devices that are constantly getting a pop up saying Apple Mail is now allowed to be setup on this system. I have removed all the settings in JAMF Pro - and have also removed the Profiles and MDM enrollment from the device. The message still appears. Does any one have a suggestion on how to remedy this?



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See if it persists past a wipe/load - bet it won't.

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That almost looks like a Restricted Software setting to me, except for the icon. That window is definitely from either the jamf binary or jamfHelper by the looks of it.
Has the entire jamf framework been removed from the Mac, using the command in the jamf binary? If so, that shouldn't stick around since that's managed with a combination of one of the Jamf LaunchDaemons plus a local configuration file that directs it what to block.

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That error message looks like you have restricted software defined on your JSS...and you click on computers tab in your JSS look under Restricted Software.

I suspect this because we restrict access to the Messages app on student Macs and we get the same style message when Messages is launched.