Apple TV home screen background

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Just a quick question on how/if people are hiding the home screen on Apple TV's? some of the video previews are not school appropriate.

I do have Conference room enabled but sometimes it goes to the home screen.


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Hide the TV app using restrictions settings in a config profile and the previews will go away. I basically hide everything aside from Settings and the third party apps I have scoped to the device.

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Another way is to move the Settings app to the top left by using the layout profile.

If you deploy this (and arrange as fit) to all devices this will also provide consistency if you have multiple apps deployed.

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Thanks @mainelysteve and @atomczynski I will give both a try and see how it goes.

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We have them all set to conference mode. But do notice after an update, it will go to the Home Screen. But a restart of the device puts it back in conference mode.

Try that.