Apple TV - Power Management

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We restrict our Apple TV's for just airplay only with conference room mode enabled. This is to stop folk messing with settings and adding apps.

This works a treat however we have found an issue, the Apple TV is enrolled via DEP and the device once configured has the conference room mode enabled. We then change the Apple TV name via Jamf Pro.

The issue following this is that we have had reports of the Apple TV going into a sleep mode / unable to wake and a hard reset of the device is required. This at times is impractical as the Apple TVs at times are high up behind a 65" TV.

Is there a way to manage the power on the Apple TVs or do we need to remove the restrictions and manually configure? Is there anything in Apple Configurator to assist?


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We have just implemented the same workflow and am interested to see how other have handled this . I thought I had done something wrong with the configuration

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+1 ... I'd like to know how to keep Apple TV's from going to sleep.

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I have my Apple TV's connected via Ethernet & they don't fall asleep maybe give that a try?

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Hi guys, Ive found our Sony TV's were putting the device to sleep! Sorted! :)

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Sorry for digging that one out, but I cant find a solution to a similar problem. And also sorry for digging as a first time user, but our Admins seem to be well less versed than you guys, so I thought I'd give it a shot :)
Similar setup here - a number of ATVs connected to Samsung TVs, on Ethernet, Conference mode. All of them usually visible in the network, but an Airplay request from a device doesnt wake them. Only blank black screen. A hard reset will usually solve the issue.
@jonathan.rudge : You mentioned your TVs were putting them to sleep? Can you let me know what happened there and how you guys solved that?
My next step would be to try to put them onto another Ethernet port - now, theyre connected via the TV's Ethernet out port. Cant easily test that as theres only one physical port available for each TV set. Would not really like to construct something with a mini-switch as space is also severely limited. Thanks a million in advance for any input.

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Sorry to drag an old thread to the surface, but I'm wondering if you ever found a solution to this. Our Media Carts will not switch to an inactive input, and the ATV is an inactive input when asleep, so users can't see the name of the TV to cast to it. Any help is appreciated.