Apples new DEP and VPP deployment

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I'm trying to figure out the best method of deploying ipads in my district using DEP and VPP, I really want to have little interaction with the device as possible.

Does anyone have ideas or workflows to streamline this process?


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Just starting my self. Did a test enrollment, that went well. I'm thinking of getting one test class set up with Apple ID's. Get that classroom set of iPads enrolled in the program. Unsupervised that cart and set up one class for enrollment. From there see what worked and what didn't, and move on from there.

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@mbrewer Could you give some additional information regarding your situation? Yes, we have specific work flows, but it really varies on the type of deployment (1:1, Carts, a few scattered in classrooms), what size the deployment is, are they all new devices or will you be trying to bring in already deployed devices? Do you handle all the purchasing or will you have to work with delegated VPP admins?

With DEP and new devices there is very little interaction, for the admin's perspective, with the device. Assign the order in Apple's Website, add it to your PreStage in the JSS with your preferred settings and ship them out. Bringing in older devices is more of a dance and will require that they be updated and then erased to make them supervised.

I think @ahopkins hit it on the head: start small, whatever small is for your situation. Make sure you, and the stakeholders who will be managing the devices in shared situations, know what the lifecycle of the iPad looks like and where things can break down. Then, expect things to break/change. The good news is, with DEP troubleshooting becomes erase and restore.

JAMF has some resources to help here: