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Is there a way to produce a CSV/PDF report of Application usage by number of computers?

We want to start reporting on where we have applications deployed but I don't see any kind of export button in the JSS...



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Bumping this post, because I have been regularly frustrated with certain types of reporting in the JSS, especially with regards to applications. Assuming you are comfortable with direct queries of the database, here is a basic one that can report on installed applications. If you use MySQL Workbench, the results can easily be exported as CSV.

In this example, I am querying for the application SPSS, you can change that or leave out the WHERE clause to return all installed applications in your environment.

SELECT DISTINCT a.computer_name AS 'Computer Name', c.application_name AS 'Application Name', c.application_version AS 'Version'
From computers_denormalized a INNER JOIN reports b ON a.computer_id = b.computer_id
INNER JOIN applications c ON b.report_id = c.report_id
WHERE c.application_name LIKE '%SPSS%'
ORDER BY c.application_version, a.computer_name

Hope this helps.

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I have already put a feature request in for increased reporting in JSS.