Apps installing after iOS wipe

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I am having random apps installing on iPads after manually wiping them, updating the ios and re-enrolling. Clearing pending and failed commands with the mass actions has not seemed to work. I have even checked the iPads I was working on to see if they had any leftover commands and they would all be cleared. But when it gets to the home screen and connects to our wifi, it will start downloading random apps. Only two apps are set to be pushed as they are required by our district. I shouldn't be getting, for example, two different graphing calculators loading on these iPads. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be occurring?



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I don't know why that's happening but I have seen it, too! We have one app set to install automatically - self service. I have seen several other apps installing, and I don't understand why the commands are being issued from the jss to install them on the devices as if the apps were not set up to be available in self service only. it's baffling to me...

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There is a PI number for this and I can see if I can find it but one of the more recent updates to JAMF Pro broke self service in that it reinstalls self service apps if they were installed before even after a wipe. A workaround would be to uncheck the "Make app managed if installed as unmanaged". I was told the PI is listed as "Major" but they still havent fixed it yet which is upsetting. I reported this bug in April of this year.

Edit: The PI number is PI-005674


Has anyone seen any updates on PI005674 from Jamf?  This is still happening to our iPads in 2023.

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Same here. Would be great if there was an option to start the app inventory from scratch when a device enrolls.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one still having this issue in 2023. At least this thread was easy enough to find.

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Don't mean to dig in an old thread but we're also having this issue on quite a big scale. I couldn't find PI005674 in the known issues list though 🤔