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I'm deploying apps to the iPads via JSS. Set apps to prompt to install. When users go to install it prompts to log in or create a new apple ID. Most users it is okay to create a new account, but some come up with this:
"Verification Required Before you can make purchases, you must tap Continue to sign in, then verify your payment info"

They have to put in credit card information, and in some cases are being charged for apps that we are pushing out (with VPP codes)

Any ideas?


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We had the same issue within our school district, I have included the link that I found from apple on how to create an account without a Credit Card.

Hope this helps.

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After they verify their payment info, they sometimes have to go back to Self-Service and re-click "Redeem." Some of my users were actually clicking on the download link for the app and that's how they got charged.

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It looks as though there is no longer an option to select NONE when selecting a payment type. I'm trying to setup an Apple ID for one of our classes at a high school. I want the teacher to be able to install apps via the self-service portal (with the Apple ID that I create). There is no need for that Apple ID to need payment info because if they do want a paid for app, we purchase with VPP.

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@carrjar This happened to us too. We had to contact apple to get unblacklisted. It took days. Seriously. And they needed reasoning for why we need no credit card accounts.

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It all comes down to how you signed up for the accounts. In order to not have to use a credit card you have to make sure that what you are selecting is free from the app/itunes store. That way you will get the none option during the account creation. You do need to be black listed though, Apple tends to understand these rollout events and was lenient in giving us the black list dates we needed to make our 1300 ipad rollout work.