Apps refuse to update

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At a school we use JAMF School to manage our iPads.
I have apps waiting to install on around 20 iPads, they've been waiting for a few weeks now.

I'm working on one of these iPads trying to work out what's going on.

This iPad is listed in a JAMF group that is supposed to have the app auto installed. Within JAMF, it says there are 30 licenses available for the app.

JAMF says the iPad last checked in 29 minutes ago.

The iPad can access the Internet and browse.

When I hold the app icon down and go to 'Prioritise Download' I'm told I must purchase the app to install it.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should look for??

Thanks for any help.


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Do you have VPP licenses?

Are the devices on the corrent version of IOS? Some updates won't work unless you're current.

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Yes, we have VPP licenses, not sure about the iOS version.