Apps Removing themselves

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Hi Guys, sorry if this is a repost, I was unable to find a solution, or clear answer.


We have these above apps, that have appeared with this error, and have removed them selves from all scoped ipads...

An example,
is still available, but is listed as Zero in use by JAMF (the 228, are in Legacy MDM, JAMF has 410 assigned...), and all available...

Any tips on where to start looking?




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We have seen this happen on a few apps. Specifically Kahoot as well. I am not sure if Kahoot changed something in the app store but we had to go into Mobile Device Apps and do a +New and find Kahoot. Basically just recreated the app and assigned it the proper VPP box and rescoped it. This seemed to fix the problem.

Some of the apps we have ran into are just ones that have actually been removed. If we find that it still exists we usually just do the +New option and it resolves itself. I am guessing the developers changed the bundle identifier or some unique identifier that jamf might be using. I am not sure.

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We've had this with some apps. We have to remove the app and re-add it.