ARD + Jamf Pro+ PPPC

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Hello, just recently started using Jamf and getting my head around the number of custom scripts that you need for some policies that Jamf/Apple don’t necessarily want you to do e.g. Chrome as default browser.

My question is allowing Apple Remote Desktop to work correctly. Now I’ve seen the PPPC Utility, and have an understanding that the permissions that are needed on the client machines. However I just wondered if anyone has had any prior experience with setting ARD up with Jamf. I know a lot of people opt for other software, but I’m stuck with ARD.

I don’t want to have to manually configure each machine, so far ARD is enabled via the option in Jamf, this was done as a mass remote command. I can view, and control machines, however I can’t transfer files, and I get a window saying “this task will fail”.

Sorry if there’s an obvious answer, I’ve tried to do some research before hand but it seems like privacy is a pain! All the machines are running either Big Sur, or Monterey.


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When you go to System Preferences/Sharing/Remote Management/Options... is everything checked off? Maybe that's why you can't transfer/copy items.

There's a script you can use to set all these settings for ARD. I'd have to dig it up.


Here is the link to the thread with the script, it is not east to find.


Configure ARD Script


As I recall, a Restart is required after this script runs to allow ARD to work.