Arguments switching from Intune to Jamf on IOS

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Hi folks,

Just wondering if any have switched from Intune to Jamf - on IOS devices (this topic is not mac related).

We have used intune, and overall I think the experience is pretty bad. Often new updates from Apple come very late into Intune - like RSR support. And overall if pushing apps to devices, the inventory updates first after several hours and the app also can take really long time to get installed.

But is it only me that see this issues with Intune ? - The only argument I read on using intune from Admins is typicall that Intune is "free", as companies already have Microsoft licenses where Intune is free included in. But overall features, management, user friendly Intune would not be selected in my view ?

Any comments ? - or maybe someone that did the switch from Intune to Jamf on IOS?


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You can likely get a license or two and test your setup in Jamf, if you have an instance already, to get a true side-by-side comparison. For iOS Intune really is pretty reliable, at least for our use cases, and so it would not really gain anything to move. You may also needlessly complicate things if you are a heavy MS shop already utilizing CA policies as you're now adding a fail point by utilizing a third-party application that has to funnel device records and statuses into Azure for evaluation. I wouldn't say Jamf is that much better about feature implementation as they have been known to lag behind as well, and app deploy times can honestly depend on a lot of factors, not the least of which are largely all under Apples control. MAM policies are the best way to go so far as BYO and you'll only get those with Intune, and iOS really does reign king in the enterprise mobile side so Microsoft isn't going to just let this grape die on the vine, most likely. 

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Intune works well enough for mobile devices, but make no mistake, it's not Jamf.  You can get a test instance spun up and see.  Try packaging apps for Intune, then Jamf.  That alone should do it...

Good luck.  Sadly, Jamf don't do whitepapers like this so we have to make our own arguments to justify the cost.


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I agree Intune "works" - but if both had the same price I guess no one would think about using intune ?

Just here the RSR updates that is comming. As far I can see in Intune you cannot push out RSR updates to devices - with jamf you can with the mass command push install the RSR updates. A major security issue, that we cannot force out important issues, but only can hope and inform people they should use it

Also when pushing out apps by Intune. You push out a app, and even the device get the app, inventory update will not show any deployment status or if the device actually have recieved the app. Maybe after several hours info will be updated

Smart groups does not exist in Intune. Yes there is few dynamic device groups that can be created for the few variables there is build into intune - but if you would like to make a smart group of a specific Ipad model name, there is no chance.

I can surely see it is a lot of money switching to Jamf, and the overall calculation is if Intune can be accepted with the overall limited features - or the money paid for jamf is worth it, to get a better experience and they always will be faster to implement Apple new features,, where Microsoft can take half or whole years before things sometimes will come

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For the intune side. It is good for shops that are very heavily integrated in to the Microsoft Ecosystem as the intune work flows are familiar and "free". However, that is really where the pro's end.

For the JAMF Side. JAMF is Apple first and Apple ownly (which can be a con), so JAMF is generally up to speed with whatever apple is doing within a few months. As you noted Rapid Security Response, JAMF had support before the 1st one released. Here we are 9 months later and Microsoft still does not have a plan for RSR's. RSR is just a really visible gap, there are many others.


Most MDM's as far as iOS go are fairly feature parallel. However, as you have noticed Microsoft does not put much effort in to keeping up with what Apple is doing. With Intune, you get what you pay for which is nothing.

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OK - thanks for the input. It it just got to get confirmed, that my view on this is not totally wrong - and that Intune is the "sh..t" - which it is not. From Economic site yes - Intune make sense, but else not

I am trying to convince our head of IT department on this, even it for 3000 IOS devices, we are talking something about 100.000USD yearly - a lot of money. But if I else look what our IT department invest in often "crazy" products, that we 2 years later scrap, then Jamf is actually making more sense. Even we inside in our IT department has an mindset, that everything Microsoft delievers is the one and only and there is no questions mark to whatever they deliever