As soon as log in to JSS web, logged out

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This will be quick I have to catch my ride home but...
The techs informed me that they cannot login to the JSS. I check and they log in, a page appears very briefly, and then they are logged out (logout.html). This just repeats.

I've tried what I have found on here. Clearing cache, making sure LDAP is bound and working. In the known issues for 9.77 I saw at the top if they failed the login, they would get stuck in this loop and the address needed to be manually corrected, but I don't see anything to correct.

I've had them try on my computer (I don't have any issues) and it happens to them. I've logged in on their computers and it works fine for me.

I'm on the hotfix version of 9.97.1xxx and it is installed on a Win2008R2 server. I thought the problem started today but I found out one of the techs noticed it before Christmas. And I was out.

I wanted to get this posted because it is going to bother me all night and I am hoping someone will know what needs to be done to fix this.



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We're seeing this in our environment; we were on 9.98 and hoped updating to 9.10 would make the issue go away. Unfortunately our test server on 9.10 won't keep anyone logged in. I'll post a solve if we find one.