Assign users to certain devices

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Hey y'all!

So recently we're talking about adding a huge amount of iPads to our arsenal, roughly about 1000. This is fantastic because it means almost all of our users will have an iPad available to them. Here's the problem: we're extremely short on staff and will need to case, label and setup all of these iPads in an extremely short period of time. So my question is this:

Is there a way to assign LDAP users to certain iPads on startup via JAMF Pro or ASM?

For example, I hand user Ann a device that has been assigned to her via JAMF Pro/ASM and once she turns it on, she can connect to a Wi-Fi network and then it will setup the rest on its own, so she doesn't have to put in her LDAP/remote management creds?

Thanks in advance!


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In your prestige Enrollment check the box to Require Credentials. If your Jamf instance is talking with LDAP, this will assign the user to the device in Jamf

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We also use the MUT tool to assign devices after they are enrolled -

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Does this work with iPads?