Assistance building Nessus pkg/dmg?

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Hello fellow JAMF users. I am running into an issue creating a pkg/dmg that can be mass deployed to install the Nessus agent. I have tried just about everything and can only seem to get it to work when I physically download the dmg from tenable and install it locally on the machines. I tried Composer to use s snapshot and it didn't install correctly. I try to take the dmg downloaded from Tennable and convert it to source and it errors out. I am hoping that one of you advanced package makers can help me out. I am getting pretty frustrated at this point. Here is the page where it can be downloaded. Thanks!


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Don't know much about it, but I just downloaded their installer and it looks like a standard pkg installer to me.
For reference, here's what Pacifist shows as its contents. Seems pretty straight forward.


I even looked at the 3 scripts and it doesn't look like anything in them would cause an issue. Its mostly unloading any existing Nessus LaunchDaemons and loading the newly installed ones, which should be fine since its LaunchDaemons and not LaunchAgents.

Have you tried simply copying the pkg installer (not the dmg, the file inside the dmg) into Casper Admin and doing a test deployment from there? Since it contains scripts to load the launchd, you can't use a Composer snapshot (this is prime example of why I'm against snapshotting existing installers - bad idea)
You might have tried that and its not working, but you didn't state that, so just questioning what methods you've already tried.

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Thanks for the response. I found the issue and a resolution in case anyone is ever in this situation. In the DMG, there are actually pkgs, one is hidden. In order to be deployed as a standalone installer you need to deploy the hidden .NessAgent.pkg. Not sure why it was hidden and the visible pkg didn't work.

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Might want to check this thread out...

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Thanks for following up with a solution @gabriel_martinez