Authenticated login after any restart?

New Contributor

Hey all, we're currently adapting to our nEw NoRmAl with some zero-touch onboarding for macbooks through JAMF and windows machines through InTune.

We had a healthy little competition to see exactly how smooth of an experience we can get, and there's some things about macbooks and jamf that have caused us some headaches.

One, being filevault in general, but thats another story.

Two, and what this discussion is about, is about authenticated restarts. When you restart a windows computer with an encrypted drive, it just lets you login as normal, loads a bit, then gets to the desktop.

Macbooks, on the other hand, get hit with a non-jamf login screen (there goes our branding...) and a goddamn loading bar. This bar soemtimes takes upwards of 20 minutes(!!!) to complete, and nothing online gives me a straight reason as to why.

A way around this, is authenticated restarts. You get the jamf screen, you don't have to unlock the damn drive, and its a WAAAYYYY better user experience. It also dodges these random hanging loading bars on login.

I can find options for authenticated login as part of policies and packages which is wonderful, but nothing for enabling it when a user just goes apple > restart (as most do every once in awhile).

Is this intended? Am I missing something? One of our personal macbooks is encrypted and does not get the loading bar at login, so is it something with JAMF?

Any help would be appreciated as those damn Windows guys on my team love grilling me about their superior ability to restart without hamstringing their machines for 20 minutes.