authorizationdb for macOS updates/upgrades

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I've seen many admins using the following command to allow non-admins to make changes to the network preferences. 

security authorizationdb write allow


Any of the admins here making changes to authorizationdb to allow non-admins perform software updates and upgrades?

In our org, not everyone would get local admin access and the software update seems to ask for admin credentials. If you have a working/testing (preferable for Monterey/Ventura+) version of it, can you please share? 

Thanks all!


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Minor updates don't require admin, and as of macOS 12.3 Major ones done with the recommended Delta Update route don't either.  On Apple Silicon, updates do require a Volume Owner enter their password, but this is separate from Admin and is generally automatically given either by macOS or Jamf (via Bootstrap Token).