Auto log out students after 30 minutes


Hey i configured the policy as below, but my users are not being auto logged out.

they will put the computer back in the cart, and then if you try and restart it, even the next day, it will not allow you to saying there are currently logged in users. Seems like most people have the opposite problem on the forums here, that they are being auto logged out when setting it to a very high number. I wish! it creates problems with users logged in the background that they need an admin login to bypass that or restart.

Anyone have a resolution or know what setting controls this? Its scoped using the department "student" which the machines have that field set as.


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The log out won't happen if the computer is asleep. This only happens I believe if the machine is sitting there idle.

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Check your policies. If you have another policy applied, that could have this set, but it is not set, then it could take priority and be preventing the log out from happening.
I used to use 1 payload per config. But ran into issues where the camera failed to work. It was allowed in 1 config but was not even specified in another, but this second config if you went to one of the Macs and looked at the profile showed the camera as set to off.
I now put all Restrictions, Security and Privacy and Login Window configurations into a single policy, and push that out.
I am also running LaunchDaemons, the first to shutdown the Macs at night, a soft shutdown. Then a second will run later and hard shutdown the Mac. The second one will catch any that are logged in and the soft shutdown failed to get. As they use scripts to set the times of the shutdowns, I find they work even with sleeping Macs. In fact by the time it runs all of the Macs are asleep.