Auto-mounting of the network home as a sharepoint on 10.12

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Can anyone confirm the following?

On previous versions of macOS, if you wanted to enable the mounting of the network home as a sharepoint at login, you could type this:

  dsconfigad -sharepoint enable

The setting could be confirmed by the command:

  dsconfigad -show

Advanced Options - User Experience
  Create mobile account at login = Disabled
     Require confirmation        = Disabled
  Force home to startup disk     = Enabled
     Mount home as sharepoint    = Enabled
  Use Windows UNC path for home  = Enabled
     Network protocol to be used = smb
  Default user Shell             = /bin/bash

On 10.12 (build 16A323) it appears that network homes no longer auto mount - even with "Mount home as sharepoint" enabled.

I am not sure if it's due to something weird at my end - or if the option has gone.

Is anyone auto-mounting successfully on Sierra? (via dsconfigad - not via a script)


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Hi Mark,
Is it possible to contact you via chat or so?


This is something our Apple support guys flagged up from the Apple Developer documentation:

The default behavior in macOS 10.12 when mounting a network volume with automation (e.g. via AppleScript) is to be prompted to connect, even when the user credentials have been stored in the login keychain. Starting with macOS 10.12.2 beta, you can skip this prompt by running this command in Terminal as an admin user:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ AllowUnknownServers -bool YES

I haven't got a solution yet, but confirm that it is a problem!