Auto-subscribe to Exchange 2013 Public Folder from Outlook 2011

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We have an applescript for users to send messages to a review drop box for suspicious messages, and are looking for a way for users to auto-subscribe to that drop box either via policy or script. The drop box is an Exchange 2013 public folder. Has anyone else tried this?

The AS for sending a message is:

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
    -- Get the messages selected in Outlook
    set currentMessages to current messages

    -- Make sure at least one is selected
    if ((count of currentMessages) < 1) then return

    -- loop through all the selected messages
    repeat with curMessage in currentMessages

        -- look for Dropbox folder, then move the message to it
        set matchingFolders to (mail folders whose name is "Review Drop Box")
        if matchingFolders is not missing value then
            move curMessage to matchingFolders
        end if

    end repeat
end tell