Autologin doesn't work if a password is required on screen saver or sleep

New Contributor II

I'm seeing an issue (or it might be by design) where if autologin is enabled and a password is required for the screen saver, autologin will not work if the Mac is restarted while the screen saver is running. The process would be:

- Mac is logged in as a user

- Screen saver starts (password required set to Immediate)

- A Jamf policy runs to restart the Mac

- The Mac restarts but does not automatically login


If I unlock the Mac from the screen saver by entering the password and then restart it, autologin works properly. Is this by design? I'm trying to ensure that a Mac will always automatically log in, but I also want to ensure that there is a password requirement on the screen saver. It seems like the two are mutually exclusive.