Automate configuring of Entourage

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Do any of you have any experience automating the configuration of Entourage?
I have found an AppleScript that will do some of it, but it isn't truly hands-off and requires some end user interaction.
I'm just looking for some info/insight on this and what you guys have done to deploy Entourage remotely in an Exchange environment.



Hi Henry!

I'm finishing an update to my Exchange setup script that was included in the
Resource Kit and have been looking for testers.

The update does what you're asking. The script will execute at first-run of
Entourage rather than requiring users to double-click it the first time. It
also allows the administrator to set all default preferences for a new
Entourage identity as well.

If you're willing to help test to get it out the door then I'd be glad to
send it to you this evening. Feedback I've had so far has been very
positive. At this point I'd consider the script at RC1 instead of beta.



William M. Smith, Technical Analyst
Merrill Communications, LLC
(651) 632-1492

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I would love to test it out, I'm about a month away from deploying and I want to have a solid plan together.
So if you could send it, I would appreciate it.
Our exchange environment is hosted and contains some non-standard configs, modified LDAP Search base, etc. So this would be a good environment to test in.